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In a Manner of Masking

C-print buddy, painter Jwan Yosef takes us through his new solo exhibition at Stene Projects in Stockholm which marks a homecoming, as well as an artistic shift in the direction of his body of work.

In this specific moment and show I had an immediate urge to work towards a more simple yet honest figurative painting. Where the concept or idea of paint and its materiality becomes the focal point. Portraying these masking tape strips on to the Plexiglas sheets and then magnifying this mural on to this very specific gallery room; an almost exact white cube and its ‘floating’ walls resonated perfectly with the works.

The image and object itself has become a much more simple figure, almost a minimal abstraction. The effect of the masking tape on a massive scale all of a sudden incorporates the audience, where you feel like you are part of this massive object in need of fixing, taping or gluing. Also working with Jan Stene at the gallery has in its own been a treat, where this mutual understanding and respect has given me a kind of freedom in virtually turning his gallery in to an experimental project space.

There is this special moment each time I exhibit in Stockholm, being my hometown; it somehow resembles an almost familiar ‘parent’ that you want to impress on. Even though living in London and now the larger part of the world in recent years, Stockholm still remains this town I want to present myself to: An almost infantile like behaviour of proving oneself.

Weaving the work to my actual moment in life shows somehow in its boldness. There's a clearer vision relying more on the idea or concept rather than the aesthetic of things. The beauty lies more in its simple yet strong purpose. In this way I lean much more towards conceptual painting; still a painter my focus has shifted more towards its cause and purpose.

I am loving painting in this moment, where I’m no longer solely presenting an image but instead an object that seduces you or brings you a kind of urge. You want to mend these objects, maybe even break or ideally attempt to touch them.

Jwan Yosef's exhibition Masking runs at Stene Projects in Stockholm through December 3.

To learn more about Jwan's work, visit:

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