C-print started as a non-commercial initiative with the objective to popularize contemporary art and highlight a diversity in artistic expression. Initially our project assumed the shape of an online journal, extended with a strong presence on social media where focus has been on a content-driven and curatorial approach.


C-print has since evolved into a mobile platform bringing forth our own curatorial ventures in collaboration with artists and other parties.


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Exhibitions curated by C-print


Group exhibition (upcoming): Hana-bi, Konstnärshuset, Stockholm

With: Wilma Harju, Iris Hautaniemi and Ebba Alling.

Group exhibition (upcoming): The Swedish Brand, Feiertag, Kassel (in conjunction with Documenta '15)
With: Kira Carpelan, Malin Molin, Theodor Johansson, Queening Zhao and Rickard Eklund

Group exhibition (upcoming): Ringen bortom mattan, Riksidrottsmuseet (The National Sports Museum), Stockholm

With: Kor'sia, Constantin Hartenstein, Ditte Ejlerskov, Josefina Malmegård, Dev Dhunsi, Theodor Johansson and Clément Courgeon


Group exhibition: Psykets Estik, Supermarket Art Fair 2021, Stockholm

With: Wilma Harju, Iris Hautaniemi and Ebba Alling.

Group exhibition: Close Encounters of the Fictive Kind, AllArtNowLab,


With: Faiham Ebna Sharif, Kira Carpelan, Kasra Alikhani, Agnieszka Abramowicz and Quenning Zhao.

Group exhibition: Future Watch - 10 konstnärer i tiden, Kulturhuset, Stockholm

With: Kasra Alikhani, Victoria Verseau, Samaneh Reyhani, Helena Tan, Tobias Bradford, Ljubomir Popovic, Lydia Ericsson Wärn, Samaneh Roghani, Jonas Bentzer and Birt Berglund

Film program:  Smashed to pieces in the still of the night, Filmform, Stockholm
With: Petra Lindholm, Mårten Nilsson, Annika Larsson, Åsa Ersmark, Johanna Billing, Pernilla Zetterman and Conny Karlsson Lundgren

Group exhibition: All Disco Dance Must End In Broken Bones, Wetterling gallery, Stockholm
With: Karon Nilzén Jonsson, Seroconversion, Carla Garlaschi, Theodor Ander, Philip Dufva and Gethin Wyn Jones

Group exhibition: Absolute Affirmation, for a 2019 curatorial residency, GELB, Stockholm
With: Sahar Tavasolian, Slobodan Zivic, Salad Hilowle, Jesper Nordahl, Ulrika Gunnarsdotter, Oktawian Bohdziewicz and Agnieszka Abramowicz

Group exhibition: Enskilda Samtal / Dual Monologues, for a 2019 curatorial residency, GELB, Stockholm
With; Matilda Dominique, Sara Elggren, Leonela Lilja, Moa Marklund, Emelie Sandström. Niklas Holmgren and Andrey Volkashin

Group art presentation during Stockholm Design Week 2019, in collaboration with Stockholm-based interior design brand LAYERED      
With: Ulrika Gunnarsdotter, Erik Öberg and Niklas Holmgren   

Group exhibition: If She Wanted I Would Have Been There Once Twice Or Again, Zeller van Almsick, Vienna, Austria
With: Theresa Traore Dahlberg, Sofia Ekström, Jin Mustafa and Josefina Malmegård

Solo exhibition with artists duo Slow Wave (Susanna Jablonski & William Rickman), Erik Nordenhake Gallery, Stockholm

Solo exhibition: Where Is the Entry? With Karol Radziszewski, in collaboration with Mossutsätllningar, Gärdet metro stop, Stockholm


Solo exhibition: Before After, with Lydia Ericsson Wärn, Mossutställningar, Stockholm       

Co-curated group exhibition: A Room of One’s Own, with TjejLand and VERK, Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm     
With: Stefanie Moshammer, Behzad Farazollahi, Iris Smeds & TjejLand

Group exhibition Autumn Sweater, ALMA, Stockholm
With: Ylva Carlgren, Klas Eriksson, Camilla Løw, Morten Andenaes, Hans Isaksson, Julia Hetta, Simon Mullan, Sahar Tavasolian, Niklas Holmgren

Solo exhibition: Public Audio Image, with Slobodan Zivic, HangmenProjects, Stockholm

Group exhibition: You've Got Twenty Shots And Each Shot Is A World, in collaboration with ACNE Photography, Area 52, Stockholm
With: Frida Vega Salomonsson. Märta Thisner, Erik Wåhlström and Olle Bengtsson

Group exhibition: My First Name Is Liability, with aritst collective EDIT, Mossutställningar, Stockholm
With Ola Bergrengren, Anna Kleberg, Gösta Reiland, Erika Wall, Matthias Ek and Johan Warden

Group exhibition: Yesterday We Wanted To Be the Sky, Kamarade, Stockholm
With: Ren Hang, Slava Mogutin, Brian Hubble, Mads Teglers, Martin Gustavsson, Jennifer Abessira, Casia Bromberg, Berber Theunissen, Yasmine Laraqui, Jwan Yosef, Sophie Mörner, Sophie Mörner, Theodor Johansson, Trinidad Carrillo