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On the Radar # 1

C-print presents a list of artists who have been on our radar for a while and in one way or another made a lasting impression in Stockholm or whilst travelling for art on the road, and will be artists who we will contintue to have an eye on.

Olivia Bee from the series Kids in Love

8. Olivia Bee (b.1984) is an American visual artist and director, based in NYC and LA, whose work puts to the fore the inherent beauty of everyday life and the way in which memories, real or imagined, resonates with a viewer. Her work has previously been exhibited in the group exhibition L’intime et la Méditerranée at agnès b galerie du jour in Paris and in the solo exhibition #GirlsTribu at Palais de Tokyo in Paris. Her first major book Kids in Love was released by Aperture in 2016.

Jin Mustafa, Untitled Streams (2016)

7. Jin Mustafa (b.1988) is a DJ, producer and visual artist based in Stockholm who caught C-print's undivided attention visting her BA exhibition presentation at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm in 2016, with her video Untitled Streams which investigates voice-related media and virtual spaces, long distance relationships and memory.

Minda Andrén Poleyn, 2017, oil on canvas

Installation view Minda Andrén, Cuirass, 2017, Zeller van Almsick Gallery, Vienna

6. Minda Andrén (b.1990) is a Swedish-born artist currently based and working in Vienna where she is studying at the Academy of Fine Arts (Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien) under Daniel Richter. C-print caught Minda's first solo exhibition at the recently inaugurated Zeller van Almsick Gallery in Vienna, titled Cuirass and based on the popcultural practice of "nude bubbling". Alongside an installation, Andrén put forth a series of paintings of oil on canvas which made for a compelling play on materiality in so far mirroring the aesthetical identity of woodcuts. Her work is said to examine the condition between two polar opposites; the physicality of a partly existential struggle and the abstract aesthetic in which they are presented.

Maximilian Engel Umtitled (collectors shelf - V717), 2017

5. Maximilian Engel (b.1989), a current student in the class of Heimo Zobernig at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, his work was caught by C-print in the recent group exhibition Tiefe Kirschen, featuring a group of Zobernig's students at Galerie Lisa Kandlhofer in the summer, exploring the scope of sculpture through different media and contexts. Characterized in the exhibition by sculptural wall objects, a certain freshness was felt with Engel's embellishments of delicately arranged acrylic glass.

Aria Dean, Dead Zone (2), 2017

Aria Dean, installation view White Ppl Think I'm Radical, 2017, Arcadia Missa, London, with Hamishi Farah (right)

4. Aria Dean (b. 1993) lives and works in Los Angeles, and is an artist, curator and writer whose contributions include Artforum, Art in America and The New Inquiry. Dean whose work has been informed by notions of the complexities of "blackness" and black cultural production, is currently presented in the group exhibition On Plane Air at Air de Paris by guest gallery Château Shatto. Earlier in the year her work was presented in the two-person exhibition White Ppl Think I'm Radical alongside Hamishi Farah at Arcadia Missa in London. Aria Dean is notably also the co-director of LA-based project space As It Stands.

Shumon Ahmed, When Dead Ships Travel (15), 2015

Shumon Ahmed, When Dead Ships Travel (1), 2015

3. Shumon Ahmed (b.1977) is a Bangladeshi-born artist and a current resident of Krinzinger Gallery in Vienna and works in the intersection between video, photography, text, sound and performance. His work is represented by Project 88 in India and has been exhibited as well at Whitechapel Gallery in London and at the Dhaka Art Summit led by Diana Campbell Betancourt. Moreover, he participated in a group show (You Cannot Cross the Sea Merely by Staring at the Waves) curated by her, joining him with his generational peers of Bangladeshi conceptual artists who channel their domestic origins in light of a globalized world that ultimately in many ways lead back to Bangladesh.

"Ouaga Girls" (2017) directed by Theresa Traore Dahlberg

Theresa Traore Dahlberg, Copper and Cotton (2017)

2. Theresa Traore Dahlberg (b. 1983) is a graduate of Stockholm University of the Arts as well as one of the BFA graduates from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm this year. At this year's graduation show at the former post terminal of Stockholm (Tomteboda), Theresa brought forth a large-scale 12 meters tall sculptural installation (Copper and Cotton, 2017) based on leftover circuit cards in copper, as well as wool spun by excluded women accused of witchery in Burkina Faso. Additionally she presented a 19 minutes documentary short, The Ambassador's Wife, about the fatigued quotidian reality of the French ambassador's wife in Ouagadougou, involving broken dreams and alienation, while stressing notions about postcolonialism and power structures. Theresa Traore Dahlberg's feature-length documentary Ouaga Girls about the narrative of a group of young women at a car mechanics school in Ouagadougou recently opened at theatres to great critical acclaim.

Jan Domisz, Awning, 2017

1. Jan Domisz (1990) is a Warsaw-based installation artist and Städelschule graduate whose work was caught at last year's edition of the Warsaw Gallery Weekend in the group exhibition A stitch in time saves nine at WSCHOD Gallery, alongside C-print favourites Mateusz Chórobski and Anna Orlowska.

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