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A Rough 3,5 % Diversity Rate In the Gallery Scene

'Maliens de Paris,' 2007, Mohamed Camara, represented by Galleri Flach, Stockholm

What you see says a lot about what you do not see:

Between the following 19 galleries in Stockholm with communicated lists on their websites of represented artists amounting in total to 450, an amount of 16 (give and take 1-2) are so called "non-white" (neither non white-Europeans nor non-white North-Americans by ethnic origin, for the simplicity and purpose of the statistics, while the matter of differantiating is de facto complex). Including two Mexican-born artists and one North American artist of Native American-origin, the numbers amount to meager circa 3,5 percent.

Stene Projects

Galerie Nordenhake





Galleri Flach

Christian Larsen Gallery

Cecilia Hillström Gallery


Björkholmen Gallery


Galleri Forsblom

Wetterling Gallery

Galleri Steinsland Berliner

Galleri Charlotte Lund

Elastic Gallery

Susanne Petterson Gallery

Galleri Magnus Karlsson

The galleries with the most "diverse" representation, repesent 4-5 artists each within these circa 3,5 percent. Together these 2 galleries out of a total 19 galleries make for 50 percent of the diversity percentage of 3,5 circa percent.

More than 50 percent of the galleries land at 0 percent, with no artists.

The largest gallery in terms of stall of artists with a number of 55 artists, represent 1 artist witihn the circa 3,5 percent. Another big gallery with 34 artists and international standing lands at 0.

Two galleries that would normally have been thought of were left out based on not having any lists of representation on their website.

Statistics for whomever it may concern or for whomever it might be of curiosity.

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