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Charcoal in the White Cube

We check in with emerging artist Anna Engver who was recently featured in our latest 'On the Radar' feature on artists to keep an eye on, and who is currently presenting her first solo exhibition titled 'Ultra' at the Stockholm premises of Galerie Forsblom.

C-P: Your first gallery solo exhibition titled 'Ultra' just opened at Galerie Forsblom. What can you tell us about the presentation?

A.E: 'Ultra' is a series of work I've been working on since the summer. With the three works in panoramic format I hope to convey the sense of walking into a room of tapestry informing narratives that can be perceived from left to right and which altogether enclose you as a vistitor in the room

C-P: Ahead of your exhibition, I had the pleasure of spending some time with you in your studio. You have a very distinctive method of working which involves as well digital element which obviously is not visible at first glance.

A.E: I collect digital imagery which I later pile and puzzle together into a new image composition. I select fragments from existing images and twist and mold them around to fit into this new composition in the making. I ponder around questions of what fragments make the cut and don't and why, so to speak. You can say I collect photographic imagery that I use in various way to prepare and outline the work that is to take place on the canvas, by projecting images on to the canvas and by my sketching based on the images and so on.

C-P: Currently your primary modus operandi seems to be charcoal. Where does this interest stem from?

A.E: The inherent qualities of charcoal excite and inspire me. I've loved charcoal since the first time doing croquis drawing. It's a very delicate and sensitive material while at the same time also related to the way dirt and dust is. I like that charocoal is quite mobile and can be shifted and removed when and where no longer desired. It's like sculpting whilst actually drawing.

C-P: Aside from your own practice, you are also co-helming the art initiative 'Loungen' at Konstnärshuset. How are you enjoying the role of curator/producer?

A.E: I really appreciate getting to work on 'Loungen'. It feels important to utilize such a centrally located venue and share it with other emerging artists. The collaboration it entails with Konstnärshuset is superb! Since I'm very practical-minded I'd say myself I'm best suited setting up the bar but it's ultimately lovely to organize with my partners Olivia Pettersson Fleur and Lydia Belevich.

C-P: Lastly, with the year already off to a solid start, what's coming up for you later in the year?

A.E: Well, the three of us will continue working with 'Loungen' and hopefully do the third edition of the exhibition series in May. Aside from that I'm just looking forward to spending a lot of time in the studio.

Anna Engver's exhibition 'Ultra' is on view at Galerie Forsblom in Stockholm through March 31.

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