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Futuristic Lesbian

Cajsa von Zeipel’s new show Futuristic Lesbian at Andréhn-Schiptjenko’s Stockholm venue on Linnégatan is such a game changer for the artist. As I was keenly inspecting the rich details of her sculptures, I could hear a group of 30-something local women commenting, looking in from the outside. ”What is this?! Is that the girl who did the big towering girl sculpture with platform shoes at Mood Gallerian?". The brief exchange of words in the group outside is telling enough of a few things. Since the concept of going inside to instill some peace over this ruffled curiosity appears alien, I’m going to assume they were not your standard fans of contemporary art. Also what shoots to mind is how distinctive her sculptures have been for a long time to a expression of her own; these unruly and commanding white-bodied sculptures rendered in jesmonite, styrofoam and plaster, that often have appeared to bear traces of her own facial features. Those who will have seen her work once or twice will likely be able to connect the dots seeing it another time, as was seemingly the case outside the gallery today (Add a memorable artist name and a media profile to the midst, which surely helps). The new sculptures not only materially present something visibly else with the use of plastics and mixed media elements; they go hyperbole in attitude and iconography, venturing towards unabashed queer and camp Barbarella-style. It’s terribly fun and really impressive once tête-à-tête with her women. The embellishment of all the details that fashion the sculptures are the gift that keeps giving; you just cannot stop looking and be amused by her choices. A due disclaimer here is that images undersell the aesthetical qualities of the works, hence images will be reductive. For a moment I think of fellow Swede and peer Anna Uddenberg with whom, if similiarities were more shallow in the past now actually appear more striking and aligned. This must be I think the best, or at least most fitting ”smash” I’ve seen being presented since the gallery moved to their current space at Linnégatan. It's a lavish statement show, on a par with Cajsa von Zeipel who feels like that global sculptor superstar that has been waiting for years to happen. The next decade, let's wait and see.

Cajsa von Zeipel Futuristic Lesbian October 3 – November 9, 2019 Andréhn-Schiptjenko, Linnégatan 31, Stockholm


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