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Kassel: The Swedish Brand

C-print in Kassel, summer '22.

Kira Carpelan, Alex Wants to Go to IKEA After He's Lost (2019-)

The Swedish Brand Curated by C-print at Feiertag, Kassel Aug 19 - 28

Artists: Queenning Zhao, Rickard Eklund, Malin Molin, Kira Carpelan and Theodor Johansson

With the Swedes coming to Kassel, this group exhibition humorously began with sentiments about Swedish design; one of several notions that favorably continues to reinforce “the Swedish brand” both domestically and overseas. However, at hand is not a design exhibition; it is indeed very much seated in the realm of contemporary art but does nevertheless latch onto an iconic Swedish “fixture” (a literal and actual brand) that has been exported near and far from the homeland and will be found too at a mere 30 minutes’ bus ride from the gallery on the Line 10. Because it really is that omnipresent in quotidian life and living, both largely relied on and perhaps taken for granted, it becomes particularly compelling to look closer at and bring to mind and prompt forward various memories, connotations and realities informed by its scope, beyond the utilitarian purpose and benefit that it represents right off the bat.


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