Suspension and Suspense 

October 16, 2021

Bodies - whether inhabited by humans or representations of the human seated in sculpture - suspended in air and relating to each other as members and units of a whole - runs as the common denominator between the two new shows at Accelerator.

3_Emma Dominguez. Photo_ Corina Wahlin.jpeg

Future Watch: Emma Dominguez

October 11, 2021

Since her much-discussed degree exhibition at Konstfack in 2018, Emma Dominguez has continued to work with art in ways that involve both activism and collective processes. “Creating art by locking myself in a studio has never really worked for me". says the artist. 

Future Watch: Asif Hoque 

October 11, 2021

"I am a product of my parents’ travels. If you put all those things and all those years into a blender, this is what would come out. I may be a fully-fledged Bengali, but my experiences are multicultural, and I am grateful that I am sometimes able to articulate it in a visual image.", says Asif Hoque.

Hannes Porträtt 2021.jpeg

Future Watch: Hannes Ferm

September 1, 2021

“Performance is a good way for me to address and reflect on the conditions of counterculture and subculture as it offers a form of distance; an outside-looking-in kind of perspective.”, says Hannes Ferm. 


SEART Anniversary: 10 years 

September 1, 2021

Since 2012, SEART is devoted to the promotion of emerging contempoary Swedish art. Marking the tenth consecutive year, SEART is presenting another edition of its annual exhibition survey of distinctive positions within this scope of art.

my fair lady.jpg

Future Watch: Sydney Vernon

Aug 30, 2021

Sydney Vernon’s beautiful and contemplative work as a painter lends its inspiration in part from her family’s own photographs and caught our eye last year when she emerged with her first solo exhibition 'When We See Us' at Thierry Goldberg Gallery.