"I think Sweden and namely Stockholm could really benefit from a more non-commercial space dedicated to contemporary photography", says Louise Enhörning.

The nominations for the Swedish Photography Book Awards 2020 are in. We speak to the nominees about their work and experience of being nominated for the prestigious award.

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Walid Raad's 'Let's Be Honest, the Weather Helped' at Moderna Museet sees the tie-in of a 75 minutes performance of the most ingenious kind; a brainer-cum-crowdpleaser.

About the new James Turrell exhibition at  Pace Gallery in London unveiling new works by master of space and light. “This is not Minimalism and it is not conceptual work; it’s perceptual work.”, says Turrell.

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"There is a gun pointing towards an egg. A suspension of a moment, in the course of a violent action, only yet to fully materialize. The moment before the crack and the wild disruption", writes Ashik Zaman about Hedvig Bergman's new exhibition.

Berlin-based gallerists  Javier Peres and Benoît Wolfram speak about challenging and changing an outdated binary way of looking and relating to art, where artistic disciplines are separated by tradition.

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