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By Half. Half a Provocation

January 31, 2024

”"Her performers are subjected to the same mechanism as we were in the BJJ studio; a back-to-basics push down to the floor, "re-accustoming" them to what has essentially always been their sparring partner in dance; the ground.", writes Ashik Zaman in a review of Malin Elgán's By Half. Half a Provocation at MDT.

Black and White Drawings 5 , 73x85cm (framed) , Pencil on paper, 2023, 300dpi (kopia).JPG

A Film Critic's Eye on Trude Viken

January 22, 2024

”Trude Viken has freed herself from the fairytale that her famous Instagram-breakthrough has been likened to. On her own terms, she penetrates deeper and deeper, beyond the comfort zones, expectations and pretense of middle-class art", writes film critic Kasia Syty in connection to the artist's new solo at Belenius.


Spiritus: Lisen Pousette & Olivia Rivière

January 21, 2024

"Executing their visceral choreography in tandem with sonic and vocal performativty bears a fair share of novelty, for which the two should duly be noted", finds Ashik Zaman, feeling inspired by Lisen Pousette & Olivia Rivière's Spiritus that premiered at Weld in Stockholm.


Pre-take off and Inside Vårsalongen

January 14, 2024

Vårsalongen at Liljevalchs konsthall is a tradition in Sweden; a public affair and one of the biggest annual exhibitions. The per open call exhibition this year amassed a staggering record number of 4974 applying artists; marking a 25 % increase from last year. This year co-curated by Liljevalchs director Joanna Sandell and C-print's Ashik Zaman.


​36 Hours in Mexico City

January 13, 2024

Third time's a charm, and we're back a third consecutive year in CDMX to expand on an ongoing rapport with the city. Take these documented footsteps as something resembling a compact gallery map/guide that would be handy if you should find yourself in CDMX soon.

Conny_Karlsson_Lundgren_Vi_känner_böjelse_foto_Hendrik_Zeitler_ 17_print_red.jpg

Most Anticipated Spring Exhibitions 

January 11, 2024

We'll preface the title of our article with the possessive determiner; our, as in our, and not an abstract group of somebodies' most anticipated exhibitions of this upcoming spring, in Stockholm. Scoop and insights; Bonniers Konsthall, Galerie Nordenhake, Centrum för Fotografi and more!

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