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Trinidad and Oneiromance

May 11, 2024

Trinidad Carrillo, since years has been one of the true gems in Swedish lens-based art, and was one of the 13 artists in our very first curated group exhibition almost 10 years ago. May sees the opening of the three-person exhibition Himlakroppar at Konstnärshuset, with the subsequent release of  her new book Oneiromance at said venue.

sweet regrets.jpg

Everything, and Nothing but Sunscreen

May 7, 2024

”While Lee to some extent evades binaries of ’masculine’ and ’feminine’ in abstraction; supple figures and tender gestures acted out by an arm or the soft gaze on a face that begin dawning before the eyes are what disintegrates the work from more masculine undertones/overtones of abstraction.",writes Ashik Zaman about the work of painter Kyungseo Lee.


A Paralysis of One's Inner Sense of Direction

April 25, 2024

A shared interest in literature and interdisciplinary knowledge exchanges, joins Kristina Bength, Malin Pettersson Öberg and Hiroko Tsuchimoto together in A Paralysis of One’s Inner Sense of Direction that bears an echo of realities of the past pandemic, and brings the seminal Japanese author Kōbō Abe to the fore.


Marcus Appelberg: Prêt-à-porter

April 19, 2024

"I think the way clothing and draperies are depicted in old paintings and fashion images was always something I was drawn to, and how can you not be amazed by the way Michelangelo depicts flowing fabric in marble?", says painter Marucs Appelberg, who is currently presenting a solo exhibition at Flach in Stockholm.

MariCarrasco_BBB6_©Thomas Zamolo.png

April 18, 2024

"In terms of optics; Martin Scorsese’s 40 years old and upon its release, box office failure, The King of Comedy comes to mind. It might not be obvious, but from one likely cinephile such as Carrasco to another; me, it will be.", writes Ashik Zaman after the premiere of Mari Carrasco's Burn baby baby per Dansens Hus. 


​Jefta van Dinther: Unearth

April 15, 2024

"They all carry a tune, they join in unison harmonies and deliver solo singing streaks that make you wonder where such versatile, gifted performers all were made. Unearth, suffice it to say almost immediately taps into the current collective psyche and zeitgeist of existenstial dread and guilt; seeing what we’re all seeing around us", finds Ashik Zaman about Jefta van Dinther's latest piece.

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