Graduates: Konstfack

May 21, 2022

A few notes and the team's highlights from the MA '22 Exhibition at Konstfack in Stockholm, curated this year by CuratorLab, and notably joining many artists we've taken interest in, in the past few years leading up to this moment.


Graduates: Beckmans

May 21, 2022

While not an art school per se, Beckmans College of Design stands as one of the schools we annually monitor and connect with, and often extract inspiration from for our work. Covered are highlights from this year's graduating batch in Product Design.


C-print in Kassel

May 21, 2022

C-print curates and presents the exhibition "The Swedish Brand" in Kassel at Feiertag, in parallel conjunction with Documenta, joining Queenning Zhao, Rickard Eklund, Malin Molin, Kira Carpelan and Theodor Johansson.


Please Do Tell, Skyler 

Mar 23, 2022

"When I started out, the art world was rejecting figurative painting while embracing conceptual art. The galleries would not pay attention to figurative painters.", shares fast emerging Tawainese-born artist Skyler Chen who you should keep a close watch on.  

girl unboxed web 9469.jpg

Girl, Battle

Mar 13, 2022

In the long-term photographic project Girl, Battle, Sofia Runarsdotter approaches her own past experiences of being a handball athlete in a crucial transitional stage between child and adulthood. What were the stakes actually like back then?  


Curator Talks: Poka-Yio 

Jan 2, 2022

Poka-Yio; founding director and artistic director of the Athens Biennale tracks back the various realities and challenges of bringing forth an international event of this scale in the midst of an ongoing pandemic. ​