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Hej Björn!

November 8, 2023

We continue an ongoing interview series with choreographers by turning the spotlight on Björn Säfsten; one of the frontrunners in Swedish contemporary dance. It's been a solid ten years of following his work, so it was about time for the team to get into depth with him about his body of work, which mostly recently saw the premiere of And so we're gone in Stockholm.



March of Return

October 30, 2023

"I don’t work with chance. I think the word chance is a human concept for describing lack of control, more or less, which indeed can be used in successful methods.", says Stockholm-based Konstfack graduate Kajsa Mechior, who earlier this year presented the solo exhibition March of Return at StudyForArtPlatform.


Sally, Cats and Nine Lives

October 26, 2023

"Not much always happens but the details and attributes found in the scenes amount to the abundance, or richness of a quiet day, that makes for the axis of a singular life.", writes Ashik Zaman about Sally J. Han's work in connection to her solo exhibition Nine Lives at Belenius in Stockolm.


Joanne, Cassandra, Gravity and Flight

October 25, 2023

​It's always impressive with artists who have the artistic conviction to dedicate themselves so fully over time to a conceptual idea; more distinctively one of their own making. In Joanne Grüne-Yanoff’s case: a genderless character, being and entity by the name of Cassandra. We speak to the artist about her new exhibition at Galleri Duerr in Stockholm.


Friday, Monday, Tuesday

October 24, 2023

"I can be quite fast in terms of production, but it comes in bursts. I have developed a work schedule I call "power-boosts" where I rest in a chair for 20 minutes and then I produce intensively for the next 10 minutes", says Marja Knape who's in the process of presenting a solo exhibition at CRUM in Stockholm, curated by our Koshik Zaman.


Do Not Touch the Floor

October 7, 2023

​"The exhibiton Inte nudda golv is a seasoned artist at the top of her game, showing inspiring craftsmanship and material command.", writes C-print's Ashik Zaman about Helén Svensson's first solo exhibition with ID:I Galleri which marks a year-long collaboration between the two.

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