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Characters In a Conference

February 14, 2021

Index and PRAKSIS  know the importance of allowing the young influence on institutional and artistic practices. Our contributors Jose W. Velasquez, Alva Mårsén and Annine Slettebø share their accounts on their collective work and efforts.


Audible Attentions of the Luleå Biennial

February 12, 2021

Curator Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris turns attention to how the 2020 edition of the Luleå Biennial turned aural for her. "To see a biennial without the vitality of visitors led me towards the inner experience", she writes.

The Bipolar Suite

February 9, 2020

“There is power through art and a spiritual outlook to accept and understand the imperceptible and carry on beyond the point where sense and sensibility end", says Martin Ålund in connection to a new solo exhibition at Wadström & Tönnheim i Marbella.

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MFA-solo Konstfack: Nicola Godman

February 7, 2021

Like ingenious works many times tend to - Nicola Godman's too - there is at hand a specifically chosen smaller window that becomes a catalyst and door into larger questions about present living conditions. 


First Spring, First Window

February 7, 2021

While the whole class was recently presented on our Instagram channel, we speak further in this feature to three of the promising artists in the first-year class at the Royal Institute of Art: Johanna Bjurström, Alicia Gonzalez and Sophia Linderstam.


Making Misschiefs!

February 5, 2020

"Being situated in the heart of Östermalm is a key component of the overall Misschiefs philosophy: bringing the best womxn artists into the limelight of power. I’m not interested in being in the fringe of the system." says Misschiefs founder Paola Bjäringer about her mission.
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