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Yared Tilahun Cerderlund: PULS

March 9, 2024

If MDT (Moderna Dansteatern) stood for; M for music - D for dance - T for theatre (it doesn’t - the music isn’t a pillar in there), choreographer Yared Tilahun Cederlund’s PULS would have draped closely around the M and T. As such, PULS traverses into a concert of rhythms and harmonies; or an existential ”musical”.


Liz Kinoshita: Midnight Oil

March 6, 2024

Between a troupe that was configurated and armed with emphathetic, engaging demeanour and gestures in relation to the intimately gathered audience, and an audience in turn marked by an older, white middle-class demographic", Midnight Oil reeked with a certain fraicheur already from the outset, that if translated would amount to a field of daisies.


In the Eyes of Our present, We Hear Palestine

March 5, 2024

Brilliant, both the art and staging, is what we found about Sharjah Art Foundation's In the Eyes of Our present, We Hear Palestine, bringing together artists and voices in the Palestinian diaspora for the Palestinian cause. We wonder if this might just be the most significant exhibition we will see all year?


A Familiar Feeling of Now

March 3, 2024

Senay Berhe's solo exhibition at Fotografiska is a comprehensive how-to-index of the possibilities of photography. "Every possible technique; both in terms of the image itself and the mounting finds a home here. If you can think of it, it’s in here. Even installing brazenly on the fire exit door!", writes Ashik Zaman in our review.


He Came in with the Breeze

February 18, 2024

"It’s designed to inspire an inherent physical sensation of actually being touched by peau douce. Or in the least catalyze such memory to the fore.", learns Ashik Zaman about a tie-in performance in seminal queer artist Conny Karlsson Lundgren's much-awaited mid-career survey I Kiss Your Eyes at Bonniers Konsthall.


By Half. Half a Provocation

January 29, 2024

"Her performers are subjected to the same mechanism as we were in the BJJ studio; a back-to-basics push down to the floor, "re-accustoming" them to what has essentially always been their sparring partner in dance; the ground.", writes Ashik Zaman in a review of Malin Elgán's By Half. Half a Provocation at MDT.

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