"Right now, we are open and you can visit us until government requires us to close. We understand that there is a need for culture. We can’t just close doors and say; It’s over.", says Marti Manen.

"Artemisia Absinthium is a conversational partner and the plant I’ve had the best contact with.",says Christine Ödlund about her continued interest in bridging gaps between plant and human.

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A lot happened for Constance Tenvik since first seeing her work at Loyal Gallry in 2017. From quaratine in NYC, she tells us about moving vividly in a spectrum of formal and conceptual questions.

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Mexican-born artist Martín Soto Climent speaks about the recurring duality between masculine and feminine seated in his work, and the pursuit of a sexual impulse that is essential to all of his artistic practice.

Checking in with Yorgos Maraziotis whose work was recently seen in the 7th edition of the Thessaloniki Biennale, and who is just about to present a solo exhibition at Base-Alpha Gallery in Antwerp.

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