A new exhibition curated by Abir Boukhari departs from questions about one’s place and role  in the big city; what it is, could be or possibly could have been, given certain circumstances.

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The longest time process of working with a text has been this; nearly 6 months shared with the brilliant mind that is Renée Petropoulos at distance after meeting at Iaspis in Stockholm earlier this year. 

C-print's Ashik Zaman pens a catalogue essay about Nadine Byrne, for her retrospective exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts which departs from a search after the untimely passing of her mother.

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"It’s not really about the poor, but more about the violence of being addressed as poor", says Paris-based artist Fabienne Audéoud about 'Perfums de pauvres'; an installation of cheap perfumes priced under 5 euros each.

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