When speaking to four artists about time after graduating from art school in Stockholm, Ella Saar learns that the most pivotal thing appears to be for artists to find their own ways of making it all work.

Menstrual blood, psychadelic mushrooms and clandestine realities in Åsa Ersmark's exhibition 'Hekate'. "How far adrift from comfort will I be, writing this statement?", wonders Ashik Zaman.

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"What is a glade of one's own?", asks artist Nikolina Ställborn in her new exhibition at AllArtNow in Stockholm which brings the notion of borders to the fore, while departing from a family narrative.

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Fatimah Hossaini wants to show another, brighter side of Afghanistan than we see through Western media. In an interview with Henrik Schedin, she talks about her art and the opportunities and limitations of the current art scene in Afghanistan.

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